“Deloitte has taken a big step to integrate Apple technologies across its global ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect solution,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “I spoke with general manager, Brett Davis and life sciences global digital and patient engagement leader, Chris Zant, to understand the significance of its plans.”

“Deloitte believes the combination of platforms, consumer focused apps and health platforms will improve quality of life and health outcomes,” Evans writes. “While the situation has improved in the recent past, one of the challenges to unlocking the potential of digital healthcare has been the lack of interoperability between Electronic Health Records systems and a lack of common frameworks and standards. These silos have hampered health innovation.”

Patients of more than 500 hospitals and clinics can access their medical records in one view.

Patients of more than 500 hospitals and clinics can access their medical records in one view.

“‘We have joked in the industry for some time that the ‘great thing about healthcare IT standards is there are so many to choose from,” said Zant. This is changing, and in part this is due to Apple. ‘Many of the major electronic health vendors and Apple have agreed to adopt a single standard that is now, for the first time, truly empowering the patient with their electronic health data,’ he said,” Evans writes. “‘We think we will look back in ten years when it is commonplace to have digitally-connected support ecosystems of caregivers, devices and apps around a patient and recognize this moment (the adoption of a single standard for healthcare data) as the inflection point where all of it started. This holds the promise to really move the needle on more efficient access as well as personalization for patients.’ Behind all of this is the move to embrace standards across health records. ‘“Apple has definitely been pushing the industry to move toward a single standard.’

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MacDailyNews Note: Health Records data is encrypted on iPhone and protected with the consumer’s iPhone passcode. When consumers choose to share their health record data with trusted apps, the data flows directly from HealthKit to the third-party app and is not sent to Apple’s servers.

Apple opens Health Records API to developers – June 4, 2018