“If you aren’t using FileVault on your Mac, it’s time to change that right now,” Jeff Gamet writes for The Mac Observer. “There’s a stunningly simple way to create a back door into your Mac using just the tools included with macOS, but all it takes to defeat the threat is FileVault.”

“FileVault is Apple’s full disk encryption feature that’s built into macOS. With it enabled, the entire contents of your SSD or hard drive is encrypted and accessible only when you log in to your user account. Booting your Mac into Safe Mode leaves your drive encrypted and accessible only after entering your passcode,” Gamet writes. “Apple uses AES-XTS AES-128 encryption with a 256-bit key to keep your data locked down and private. That’s great for keeping prying eyes out of your drive if your computer is lost or stolen.”

Gamet writes, “FileVault also protects you from the simple back door hack Tokyoneon…”

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MacDailyNews Take: FileVault offers an extra layer of security, so if you don’t have it enabled, you might consider doing so.

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