“The two ads continue Apple’s recent ‘Switch to iPhone’ campaign, which specifically urges non-iOS users to defect to Apple from the competition ,” Stephen Silver reports for AppleInsider.

“The first 15-second ad, titled ‘Portraits,’ features a pair of portraits on a wall, marked ‘your phone’ and ‘iPhone,’ each with a young woman featured,” Silver reports. “Upon noticing the ‘iPhone’ woman’s use of the Portrait Lighting feature, the woman in the ‘your phone’ photo moves into the ‘iPhone’ portrait, as the phrase ‘amazing portraits'” appears on screen.”

Silver reports, “The second ad features a similar split-screen setup, with ‘Your Store’ and ‘App Store’ on each side.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good ads and well-targeted since, anecdotally, one of the features that Android settlers we’ve met lust over the most is Portrait mode. It’s been a lust-worthy feature for the poor souls since we updated to iOS 10.1 on our iPhone 7 Plus units over a year and a half ago!