“Apple Inc. is nagging iPhone users to enroll in its mobile-payment service with a persistent red circle badge,” Tripp Mickle reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The strategy has worked with some, but is irritating others who say it is heavy-handed and exploits the tech giant’s clout in ways that could disadvantage rivals.”

“The tactic, part of the iPhone’s latest operating software launched last fall, is subtle,” Mickle reports. “Users who opt not to input credit-card information for Apple Pay when setting up their phones now constantly see the red circle over their settings icon, indicating their setup is incomplete. Some users also periodically get notification reminders that go away only once they start the enrollment process.”

“This marks one of the first times Apple has used a red-badge notification to push one of its services that generates revenue. The badges are effective at driving users to take action because people know the red circle means something needs attention, said Bruce Tognazzini, a principal with Nielsen Norman Group, a user-experience consulting firm,” Mickle reports. “‘The real problem is there’s no differentiation between, ‘We want to bring your attention to it because it’s vital,’ and something like this that for some people it’s vital and others it’s not,’ said Mr. Tognazzini.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, many of us haven’t seen this, since we’ve been happily using Apple Pay for years because we value security and ease-of-use. We also exclusively use Apple Pay on our Apple Wqtches, not our iPhones. Regardless, Apple needs to do a better job of educating users who haven’t used Apple Pay why they should enroll. Apple should stop abusing their notifications system to nag users.