“Before receiving my Apple HomePod to review, I found myself in a house in Noe Valley in San Francisco,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “Apple invited me to see and experience HomePod in a unique home setup before taking one home to try for myself.”

“On an entertainment center, that looked like a retro design out of the 70’s with silver and copper knobs, wood like old cedar, and metallic grates, sat a Sonos Play One (Alexa enabled), A Google Home Max, Apple’s HomePod, and an Amazon Echo 2nd generation,” Bajarin writes. “Listening to these demos side by side, and even once I got HomePod home and had it play in my living room comparing it to my Sonos Play One and my Amazon Echo, what hit me was once you hear the HomePod it is hard to unhear it.”

Apple's HomePod

Apple’s HomePod

“Once you listen to it and experience it for yourself, there is no going back,” Bajarin writes. “My Sonos, as great as it sounds, and my Echo’s just didn’t sound the same after listening to the same songs on the HomePod. You can’t unhear the quality of the HomePod, and it will change your opinion of many others speakers you may own. There was no going back. I can say, with absolute confidence, the HomePod will be the best sounding speaker many people have ever owned.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

It’s more sophisticated, yet less complicated.

It’s more powerful, yet less cumbersome.

It can play vast amounts of music or tell you what’s in store for tomorrow.

It’s an audiophile quality smart speaker from Apple.

HomePod. The smart speaker for the rest of us.

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