Johnson & Johnson-owned Neutrogena “announced today a hardware product called SkinScanner that attaches to the upper portion of a smartphone and, using a combo of sensors, is supposed to give users the kind of magnified image of their facial skin that you usually see in before-and-after pics in ads,” Lauren Goode writes for The Verge. “The scanner wirelessly syncs up with a mobile app, called Skin360, which will show a person’s skin health over time and suggest they improve their skin.”

“The Neutrogena SkinScanner will be formally unveiled next week at the annual CES in Las Vegas. It’s the latest in a series of connected beauty products that have been shown off at CES in recent years,” Goode writes. “It’s also the latest in a series of beauty products that promises self-betterment through a Bluetooth attachment to a specific brand.”

“Using machine learning, the app compares your skin to other users in your age range. It then assigns a score, up to 100, for each of these three categories. Below that, the app shows a blue ‘Improve’ button, which leads you to a Neutrogena store,” Goode writes. “The Neutrogena SkinScanner will start shipping in the US this summer and will cost $50.”

Neutrogena's iPhone-only SkinScanner camera attachement and Skin360 app

Neutrogena’s iPhone-only SkinScanner camera attachement and Skin360 app

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MacDailyNews Take: Goode reports that the device/app won’t “attempt to treat acne or detect signs of melanoma” because that would require FDA approval. We’s like to see Johnson & Johnson or some other company seek such FDA approval as a product that could detect melanoma early would be of great value.