“2017 was another marquee year for smartphone sales and innovation with the introduction and evolution of manufacturers’ flagship devices, such as Apple’s iPhone X,” Chris Klotzbach and Lali Kesiraju blog for Flurry. “With more consumer options than ever before, Flurry took a look at the most gifted smartphones and tablets around the globe this holiday season, examining activations throughout the week leading up to Christmas day and the end of Chanukah. Flurry Analytics, part of Oath, is used by over 1M mobile apps and has insight into 2.1 billion devices worldwide.”

“Similar to last year, 44% of new phone and tablet activations were Apple devices,” Klotzbach and Kesiraju write. “[Samsung] fell short as the gift of choice during the holiday season, with only 26% of activated devices in the lead up to Christmas. Samsung’s activation rate is up 5% from the 2016 holiday season, which can likely be attributed to the 2017 introduction of the Galaxy S8 after the late 2016 recall of their malfunctioning Note devices.”

Flurry: Top device activations Christmas 2017

“Despite strong launches of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X — which made up close to a third of all new activations this holiday season — Apple is still seeing significant sales from their older model smartphones. This is largely attributed to the affordability of the older models and availability in markets outside of the US,” Klotzbach and Kesiraju write. “iPhone 7 and 6 take the top two spots with the X coming in a close third.”

Flurry: Apple device activations Christmas 2017

“The prominence of the iPhone 6 is particularly interesting, as Apple only relaunched that model to resellers in select international markets in the spring of 2017,” Klotzbach and Kesiraju write. “It’s apparent that the consumer concern for cost is still significant, as the iPhone 6 is often marketed as the most affordable option in the regions where it is available.”

Source: Flurry

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