“It’s funny, Apple crowing about its biggest Mac revenue year ever at a time when there seems to be quite a bit of unrest about the Mac out there on the internet,” Jason Snell reports for Macworld. “Is the Mac doing well or is the Mac user base frustrated at the last few years of Apple’s stewardship of the platform? It might be a little bit of both.”

“I detailed some of Apple’s controversial laptop design decisions a couple of weeks ago here at Macworld. To be sure, there are classes of users for whom the latest generation of MacBook Pro models, introduced in October 2016, are appreciably worse than the previous-generation models,” Snell reports. “But I’ve also talked to a lot of people who have bought new MacBook Pros and love them.”

“I have a pet theory that every design decision Apple makes on the Mac product line is magnified by the fact that it’s the only company that can make Mac hardware. Apple does seem to like making opinionated product decisions that sometimes push design to an extreme,” Snell reports. “That can be a problem: If Apple makes an ultra-thin keyboard with reduced travel and questionable reliability, and puts that keyboard on every new laptop design, what happens if you’re a Mac laptop user who just can’t stand the keyboard?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup, it’s a little of both.

A bit more diversity in Apple’s Mac lineups – portables and desktops – would be welcome.