“Researchers at Dartmouth University have found that a 3D printed shape covered in aluminum foil can improve wireless range and increase Wi-Fi security,” John Biggs reports for TechCrunch.

“The project, which appeared on Eurekalert, involves placing a reflector on and around a Wi-Fi router’s antennae to shape the beam, increasing range and preventing it from passing through to unwanted spaces,” Biggs reports. “‘With a simple investment of about $35 and specifying coverage requirements, a wireless reflector can be custom-built to outperform antennae that cost thousands of dollars,’ said Xia Zhou, a Dartmouth assistant professor.”

“The team found that their reflectors could accurately shape Wi-Fi beams to avoid some spaces and favor others,” Biggs reports, “thereby increasing security and coverage.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As anyone who’s ever fooled around with various antennae can tell you, aluminum foil can do wonderful, awful, and mysterious things.