“Prompted by a MacRumors reader on the future of the Mac mini, Tim Cook replied that the mini will be ‘an important part of the company’s product lineup in the future,'” Riccardo Mori blogs. “It was last updated in October 2014, which in tech years is a long time ago. That last refresh was a bit controversial, too, because the 2014 Mac mini was a step back in terms of upgradability and versatility when compared with its 2012 predecessor.”

“It’s a true pity that Apple has been neglecting this Mac. I still think there’s a market for a compact, affordable Mac such as the mini, though I presume the dream of Apple’s current executives is that people would all choose an iPad over a Mac mini in that price range,” Mori writes. “I think Bob Burrough (who previously worked at Apple) has best articulated Apple’s lack of interest in the mini when he tweeted:”

“Still, Cook says they’re not leaving the Mac mini behind,” Mori writes. “What’s next for this machine, then? I’ve been thinking about a few possible scenarios…”

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