“Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s best smartwatch yet. It’s faster, packed full of new features in watchOS 4, and it boasts amazing new cellular connectivity (if you pay more for the LTE model),” Stev Smith writes fro Cult of Mac. “This is all made possible with a built-in antenna, a UMTS radio, and an eSIM. But how does it work?”

“An eSIM is a non-removable, virtual version of the traditional SIM card,” Smith writes. “It stores your international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and its associated authentication key. The big difference is its size; it’s one-hundredth of the size of a standard SIM card.”

“It’s an extra charge on your monthly contract,” Smith writes, “[but] for me, it’s worth that extra cost. Just the other today, before filming the video, I popped to a local shop without my iPhone and was still able to get a phone call from my friend who needed an answer on something straight away. The call was clear, he could hear me fine, and the connection was great.”

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