“Last year, Apple ditched the iPhone’s headphone jack. With its latest iPhones, it is removing the power socket too.,” Tim Bradshaw writes for The Financial Times. “Cable-free power seems to be the hottest new feature of the iPhone 8. Several surveys suggest that consumers are more excited about the ability to top up their battery without having to plug in a cord than the improved camera, screen or anything else in the device.”

“Apple is using the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard, which Samsung, LG, Huawei and Xiaomi have all said they support. Apple’s backing will only accelerate Qi’s momentum,” Bradshaw writes. “Qi wireless chargers are built into certain models of car from Audi, Toyota, BMW, Ford and Honda, as well as in hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants, and transport hubs from the Eurostar to JFK and LAX airports. Qi-certified chargers are also available from familiar tech accessory makers such as Mophie and Belkin as well as Ikea.”

“As is so often the risk in Ikea, I got a bit carried away on a recent visit and came home with two Qi-powered lamps and a three-device charging pad. The bundle cost me just over $200 and means I now have wireless charging by my bedside, in the living room and on my desk,” Bradshaw writes. “The result is that my iPhone 8 is constantly being topped up with what Ikea wittily calls ‘Apple juice.’ Not having to faff with a cable may seem like a small change but it quickly changed my charging behaviour so that I rarely run low on power. Goodbye range anxiety.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We usually have our iPhones on our desks in front of our iMacs into which are plugged in Lightning cords which charge the iPhones. Our iPhones are always charged. We’re not sure how those without computers charge their iPhones, but we’d assume they have a usual place near a plug (kitchen counter, desk, bedroom nightstand, etc.). Right?

In short, Qi charging or not, we don’t get those who never seem to have their iPhones charged.