“Apple’s new security features will make it harder for local police to retrieve digital evidence they need to solve crimes,” Megan Cloherty reports for WTOP. “While great for consumers, without the ability to bypass enhanced security such as facial recognition, investigators said it will delay justice.”

” Apple fans delighted in the new suite of products including the debut of the iPhone X, law enforcement let out a collective sigh,” Cloherty reports. “‘It’s very frustrating for law enforcement because it makes our job much more difficult to support the community,’ said Detective Jason Friedman, who works in the Fairfax County Police computer forensics department. The biggest issue, he said, is the latest operating system, IOS 11. ‘Most of the forensics community in law enforcement has known for a while, through the Apple IOS 11 betas, that security was going to be even more difficult and hamper law enforcement’s ability to extract data,’ he said.”

“‘Within the last couple weeks we’ve had an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 7 in here where it was pass code protected. There was no way to bypass that security and we could not obtain data from the cellphone,’ he said in another example,” Cloherty reports. “It’s unclear how the new facial recognition technology will increase the current backlog at a majority of departments in the D.C. region, but forensic analysts said as of now, there is no silver bullet to access the encrypted operating system that will be prevalent on consumer devices within a matter of months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good.

What did you do before iPhone appeared in 2007? Stop being lazy, wanting a skeleton key that gives you access to everything, and go back to doing that.