“A bit on the industrial side? Perhaps, but if reliability is what you really want from your smart lock, the Schlage Sense should be your top choic,” Christopher Null writes for TechHive.

“The Schlage Sense is an enormous piece of equipment (the interior escutcheon alone is eight inches high), and installation can be a bit of a headache. One gets the sense that this is a product primarily designed for contractors and homebuilders to install, judging by a pair of dense instruction manuals that must be followed to get the not-wholly-intuitive Sense affixed to your door,” Null writes. “It’s also worth noting that this lock is certified as commercial-grade, not merely residential, which instills even more confidence in its operation and build quality.”

Schlage Sense smart lock

Schlage Sense smart lock

“Potential installation woes aside, once the Sense is up and running, it’s a solid performer with unparalleled reliability in this space,” Null writes. “While many smart locks frequently jam or choke at the tiniest hiccup, the Schlage Sense worked impeccably in my testing, never once failing to open or close on command. With the app installed you can always tap an icon to unlock the system, or on an iPhone you can use Siri if you’re within Bluetooth range. The lock is fully HomeKit-enabled, so if you have an Apple TV, you can check the lock status and issue open/close commands remotely. Note however that Android devices are not supported at this time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android devices unsupported. Heh. Why would any lock company allow fragmandroid, toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities that it is, to destroy the security of its products?

Supporting Android would be like handing out keys to every lock you produce to everyone on the planet.