“Ronald Wayne lives in a little house in the town of Pahrump, Nevada,” Madeline Moitozo Reports for Motherboard. “The 83-year-old designer and engineer was Apple’s original third co-founder, though nowadays he is perhaps best known as the unlucky guy who sold his 10 percent stake of the company for $800 just 12 days after it was incorporated in 1976. Today, it’s estimated that his shares would have been worth $67 billion.”

“But Wayne says he doesn’t regret the decision for a minute,” Tousignant reports. “Motherboard caught up with Wayne in a phone call recently to talk about his early days with Apple, his views on technology now, and why he doesn’t regret leaving what would become one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential tech companies.”

Motherboard: After Apple became big, did Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak come back and offer you more money?

Ronald Wayne: Jobs came back on three separate occasions. We had lunch together and he offered me a job at Apple. And each of those times I said no. But no, they never came back and just offered me more money. I am sure that Woz likely wanted to, Jobs for some strange reason, had a very different view of money than Wozniak did.

Motherboard: What Apple products do you use now?

Ronald Wayne: I have never owned an Apple product in my life, and I didn’t even have a computer until the mid 90s. What would I do with it? If you say “anything you want,” I’d come across the table at you. I had to have a reason. It popped up in the mid 90s when a friend asked to write him a short story and I delivered to him on a typewriter. So I had someone cobble a computer together for me and it just had basic internet and (Corel’s) WordPerfect on it. And over the years I have never had anything but the simplest computers.

Read more, and see a recent photo of Wayne, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: No regrets. Hard to believe, but we can see it, too. Wayne claims the stress would have killed him early on, so good for him!

Now, as a designer and engineer, Apple should give Wayne a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods – gratis – just so he can have them to see some of miracles he helped, in his own small way, to inspire.

Bonus video: Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne talk about Apple’s early years (2011):

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