“This year tvOS joined macOS and iOS in offering a free public beta version of upcoming software updates, and Apple released the first tvOS 11 public beta for testing early last week,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac.

“There aren’t a ton of flashy new features in tvOS 11, but there are a few nice improvements that you can start using now,” Hall writes. “Apple TV gains fast switching to AirPods just like on iPhone, you can automatically change the appearance from dark mode and light mode based on local sunset and sunrise times, and Home screens can sync between multiple Apple TVs running the iOS 11 beta. In the future, tvOS 11 should also include AirPlay 2 support for multi-room audio playback and more, although the current betas do not yet include this feature… As for major new features, we may have to wait for this fall for a possible Apple TV hardware update as Tim Cook hinted at much more to come with tvOS later this year, which could mean a new box may be required for more impressive features.”

“So how do you join the tvOS 11 public beta?” Hall writes. “The process for tvOS is super easy compared to how iOS and macOS both work.”

Simple instructions here.

MacDailyNews Take: It works (tested on multiple 64GB Apple TV units). It seems solid. But, as always, it’s a beta and your mileage will vary depending on which apps you use on your Apple TV unit(s).