“Companies that operate with the popular subscription-based model may be charging you money without you knowing. This could be in the form of hidden fees, by making it difficult for you to cancel a subscription, or even by signing you up for recurring payments when you make a one-time purchase,” Brian Rashid reports for Forbes. “Yahya Mokhtarzada realized the prominence of this problem when he was charged sneaky fees for in-flight wifi he had signed up for months ago. Annoyed, he did his homework and found that this situation is very common.”

“He teamed up with his brother, Idris, and founded Truebill, an app that detects and monitors recurring subscriptions. Not only does Truebill identify these payments, but it allows users to cancel unwanted ones with a single click,” Rashid reports. “The app goes a step further to ensure that the subscription is canceled by monitoring the user’s bank account the following month. In the event that the company did not follow through on the cancellation, Truebill will contact them and give the user a refund. Best of all, this service is completely free – an incredible price considering the average Truebill user saves $512 a year.”

“Truebill is not anti-subscription. In fact, they educate the user on popular subscriptions with reviews on their website and recommend new ones that will increase the user experience. Truebill is, however, anti-subscription mismanagement,” Rashid reports. “They recently launched a tool that monitors subscriptions and warns the user if a price goes up.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Holy crap, we’re scared to even find out…

Oh, okay, we’ll gather up our courage and go for it! Truebill via Apple’s App Store is