“Apple CEO Tim Cook is a staunch advocate of corporations doing their part to help improve the world,” Benjamin Synder reports for CNBC. “Cook, who took the reins from the late Steve Jobs in 2011 and is one of America’s highest-paid chief executives, believes people should develop their morals and character and bring a spirit of helping others to the workplace.”

Synder reports, “Here are three issues Cook has taken on in an attempt to improve the world, both personally and professionally.”

• Equal rights: In 2014, Cook became the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come out as gay. In doing so, he promoted equal rights for all.

• The environment: In a recent interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Cook talked about his company’s efforts to create jobs in the U.S. and also to help the planet… “We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation.”

• Privacy: “When I think of civil liberties, I think of the founding principles of the country,” said Cook. “The freedoms that are in the First Amendment. But also the fundamental right to privacy… at the end of the day, we’re going to fight the good fight not only for our customers but for the country.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote in October 2015:

Too many people do not realize how lucky we are that Tim Cook is CEO of Apple Inc. No matter what else Cook does, as long as he holds his ground on this issue [privacy via strong encryption], he’s one of the greatest CEOs in history. We need and are lucky to have a man with a strong backbone to stand up to this constant pressure from misguided government spies who’re hell bent on running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and U.S. citizens’ rights.