“I’d like to preface this case study by stating that my intentions behind redesigning Apple Music were in no way driven by indignation or spite,” Jason Yuan writes for Medium.

“Earlier this year I applied and interviewed for a graphic design internship at Apple Music (an opportunity of a lifetime), and was turned down with a very kind letter stating that although they liked my work, they wanted to see more growth and training,” Yuan writes. “At first, I was frustrated — Northwestern University doesn’t offer any sort of undergraduate graphic design program, so whatever growth they were looking for would have to be self taught… but as soon as I came to this realization, I became inspired to embark on what became a a three-month long journey to the holy grail — the iOS app that Apple Music deserves.”

“What you’ll find below is a case study offering potential solutions to address some of Apple Music’s problems, as well as ideas for future development,” Yuan writes. “My process was guided by qualitative user research, Apple’s official Design Principles, and my own designer intuition.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wonder what might have happened had Yuan walked into his Apple interview with his Apple Music redesign in hand?