“Tom Gruber, one of the inventors of the artificial intelligence voice interface Siri that now lives inside iPhones and the macOS operating system, shared a new idea at the TED 2017 conference today for using artificial intelligence to augment human memory,” April Glaser reports for Recode. “‘What if you could have a memory that was as good as computer memory and is about your life?’ Gruber asked the audience. ‘What if you could remember every person you ever met? How to pronounce their name? Their family details? Their favorite sports? The last conversation you had with them?'”

“Gruber said he thinks that using artificial intelligence to catalog our experiences and to enhance our memory isn’t just a wild idea — it’s inevitable,” Glaser reports. “And the whole reason Gruber says it’s possible: Data about the media that we consume and the people we talk to is available because we use the internet and our smartphones to mediate our lives.”

“Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has started a new company called Neuralink to build wireless brain-computer interface technology,” Glaser reports. “Musk shared his idea for the technology, which he calls ‘neural lace,’ at Recode’s Code Conference last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like a dream for Alzheimer’s patients. Could also be a nightmare for many people depending on how selectively you can choose what – and what not – to remember with crystal clarity and whether or not you have Yahoo-type security (i.e., laughable and nonexistent) storing these memories.

You know how, after a wild night, you decide to delete a bunch of shots in Apple’s Photos app? Someday, you’ll be deleting memories in Apple’s Memories app.