Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must, “If you’re an Android user and you’re wondering why developers just aren’t bringing games to your platform, the answers are very simple: Fragmentation and usage.”

“You see, even though iOS accounts for just 12.9 percent of the mobile installed base in contrast to Android’s 86.2 percent, iOS accounts for around 56 percent of mobile gaming revenue,” Evans writes. “No wonder that when it comes to struggling to make a sale, developers are far more likely to reach an IOS user than an Android user.”

“I believe that the truth of the Android v iPhone debate is that only a very small number of non-Apple smartphones can be seen as sufficiently capable to really be called an iPhone competitor,” Evans writes. “The difference between high-end Android and ordinary Android is vast, in terms of features, power, capability and more. I think media and analysts should be much more honest about this. It’s why iOS users are more likely to play games, or do anything else, than those poor souls trapped on the alternative.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor souls, indeed.