“Back in December, we saw an Apple patent-filing over a new Apple Pencil model — one that may or may not be compatible with iPhones,” PhoneArena reports. “The implication being that at least the big iPhone Plus models could get their own stylus.”

“Now, a new patent shows us that Apple is also thinking about ways to easily store and transport the Pencil with your iPad, and it loosely touches upon the whole iPhone compatibility thing again,” PhoneArena reports. “Yes, it’s an awesome tool, but you need to think about carrying it around, take care not to forget it, and figure out where to keep it. Thankfully, future iPad Pro smart covers may have some sort of loop or another kind of holder or compartment…”

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MacDailyNews Take: A holder for Apple Pencil seems like enough of an obvious idea that it should have been included in Apple’s iPad Pro cases upon launch of the Pencil. We’ll see how Apple plans to make Pencil useful for iPhone Plus, if they do it.