“I’ve been working with Microsoft Office for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for a short time, and while it’s in beta,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “I’m planning to look at it in a little more detail over at Computerworld, I thought I’d sketch out a few first impressions.”

“The challenge with every app that uses the Touch Bar is the need to develop new habits,” Evans writes. “This need to develop habits is why I don’t think Touch Bar is something that most people will use to control all their apps, but I do believe that any smart Mac user will quickly get to grips with making use of the new control strip when working in the apps they use most often. Because it’s incredibly useful once you develop the habit for it.”

“I think most people will focus on learning to use Touch Bar with their most important apps first. It’s worth it, as it saves so much time in exchange,” Evans writes. “The problem I’ve always had with Word is that its so huge. Important controls are in illogical (to me) places and I hate having to click through menus endlessly and repetitively in order to engage in some tasks. This is radically improved with Touch Bar, as some of the most commonly used tasks are situated right there on the control strip on my keyboard.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anything that improves a Microsoft-produced UI is indeed magical.