“The other day I was looking through the Apple.com accessories section for a keyboard and I ran across a few items that I was kinda shocked that Apple still sells,” Terry White blogs. “In most cases these items have probably been forgotten about and just never removed from the site, but nonetheless it’s interesting to still see them listed.”

“Especially when Apple is quick to tell us that it was because of ‘courage’ they removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7,” White writes. “Or how it was bold to stop putting floppy drives in Macs back in the day. In no particular order.”

5. The Apple Mouse (wired)
4. Apple USB SuperDrive
3. Apple iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable
2. Apple Composite AV Cable
1. Apple iPod shuffle

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple, do not discontinue the iPod shuffle and, everyone, do not eat iPod shuffle.