“Choosing Apple (AAPL) as a must-own stock for the next 12 months is no longer comparable to an aging sports star on a big contract who is ‘mailing it in,'” Brian Sozzi writes for TheStreet. “In other words, recommending Apple requires some work and basic understanding of potential catalysts.”

“Jumping into Apple ahead of the New Year requires a reflection on the year that has been, however. Apple’s stock has slightly underperformed the S&P 500 this year as the company has dealt with a series of un-Apple like headlines,” Sozzi writes. “Suffice it to say, Apple is not the surefire bet it was in the mid-2000s. Hence, for Apple’s stock to get back to being a major outperformer vs. peers and benchmarks there has to be several catalysts on the horizon. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the catalysts take hold and drive earnings growth in 2017, they just have to commence in some form to better improve the perception around Apple’s future prospects.”

Catalyst #1: Trump Tax Holiday
Catalyst #2: The iPhone 8
Catalyst #3: Apple is an anti-Federal Reserve stock

Sozzi writes, “In this environment, Apple’s strong balance sheet — along with others in the same mold —are likely to be rewarded.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From your lips to Mr. Market’s ears, Brian.