“Apple on Sunday instituted a new junk content reporting feature on its iCloud.com web portal, the first step in what appears to be an activation of countermeasures against iCloud Calendar spam invites users began to receive in volume last month,” AppleInsider reports.

“iCloud users are now able to report Calendar invites from unknown senders as ‘junk’ by clicking on a hyperlink in the iCloud.com web interface,” AppleInsider reports. ” The provision to mark an invitation as spam, which appears inline with accept, decline and “maybe” options, is currently limited to iCloud.com, though a similar feature could make its way to dedicated iOS and macOS Calendar apps in the near future.”

AppleInsider reports, “With junk reporting now in play, Apple is presumably creating a database of nefarious users who will be monitored and, if necessary, blocked from sending mass spam invites to other customers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not a moment too soon!

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