President-elect Donald Trump has been named “Person of the Year” by TIME Magazine, the 90th installment of what was originally called “Man of the Year” until 1999.

In her piece explaining TIME’s choice, Nancy Gibbs writes, “We can scarcely grasp what our generation has wrought by putting a supercomputer into all of our hands, all of the time. If you are reading this, whether on a page or a screen, there is a very good chance that you are caught up in a revolution that may have started with enticing gadgets but has now reshaped everything about how we live, love, work, play, shop, share—how our very hearts and minds encounter the world around us. Why would we have imagined that our national conversation would simply go on as before, same people, same promises, same patterns? Perhaps the President-elect will stop tweeting—but only because he will have found some other means to tell the story he wants to tell directly to the audience that wants to hear it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to Steve Jobs, by the way, who never was named TIME’s Person of the Year, even though he had a much greater influence than many of those chosen in prior years.

During TIME’s Person of the Year interview, President-elect Trump mentioned Apple Inc. and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook by name:

I said to Tim Cook, it’s my ambition to get Apple to build a great plant, your biggest and your best, even if it’s only a foot by a foot bigger than some place in China. — U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, President-elect Donald Trump

In the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll, Apple CEO Tim Cook received 1% of the vote, tied with the likes of James Comey, Colin Kaepernick, and Megyn Kelly.

MacDailyNews Take: More American-made Apple products on the way?

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