“A million hot takes have been posted about how the late-2016 MacBook Pro with USB-C is the undeniable proof that Apple doesn’t care about developers anymore,” Adam Geitgey writes for Medium. “They took away all the ports! No Esc key! It’s just a more expensive MacBook Air!

“But in some ways, the new MacBook Pro is the most techy and expandable laptop Apple has ever made,” Geitgey writes. “They are trusting their pro users to wade into murky USB-C waters in search of the holy grail of a universal, open standard for moving data and power between devices.”

“everyone posting complaints without actually using a MBP for a few weeks is missing out on all the clever things you can do because it is built on USB-C” Geitgey writes. “Over the past week or two with a new MacBook Pro (15in, 2.9ghz, TouchBar), I’ve been constantly surprised with how USB-C makes new things possible. It’s a kind of a hacker’s dream.”

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