“The Apple Watch 2 Nike+ may be the best reason yet for getting a smartwatch,” Brooke Crothers writes for Forbes. “Yes, it’s a standard Apple Watch Series 2 at its core but the little Nike extras make a difference.”

“I’ve been using the Nike+ edition for the past week and can say the Watch 2 offers welcome improvements, albeit some subtle, over the original Apple Watch – the latter I used pretty much every day for almost a year and a half,” Crothers writes. “Even if you’re not impressed by the looks of the compression‑molded perforations (I like the look), the extra ventilation is reason enough to get the band. My previous Sport Band (essentially the same price) was not ‘breathable’ and would quickly collect sweat… a breathable band makes a difference.”

Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Nike+

“The other half of the appeal is the Nike Volt digital time face,” Crothers writes. “Combine Apple’s full-featured second-gen smartwatch together with the Nike+ extras and, for me, it’s irresistible. After a week, I haven’t been disappointed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These are the Apple Watches we wear and, after the first 11 days, it’s quite obvious that they’re the best smartwatches we’ve ever used by far.

Apple Watch Nike+, the perfect running partner, arrives Friday, October 28 – October 24, 2016