“Almost everyone has a story about their crappy home Wi-Fi connection, usually relating to a particular house they lived in with an obscure shape. It’s a nightmare when you know your connection is great, but you can’t get the speeds you’re paying for everywhere,” Owen Williams writes for TNW. “Until recently, I was one of those people that constantly complained about the bad Wi-Fi at the back of my house. If I owned the place, I’d drill a hole in the wall and run a cable, or put it in the roof, but as a renter you only have so many options.”

“I’d tried everything I can, like Powerline network adapters, stronger access points and extenders but nothing seemed to work properly – one end of the house was always unstable and slow,” Williams writes. “When Eero announced its wireless mesh offering, which automatically pairs multiple access points together to create a beautifully-fast network across your home, I was excited to finally fix my internet… but it’s US-only and surprisingly expensive at $349 for just two access points.”

“Then I stumbled across Ubiquiti. You’ve probably never heard of them, but they’re making some of the most interesting wireless equipment out there for a sheer fraction of the cost,” Williams writes. “Ubiquiti’s AC Lite costs just [$78.98], which sports AC wireless – compare that to the price of Apple’s Airport Extreme at $199 and you can get two while still saving money. The hardware is sleek and tidy, but no frills: just one ethernet port and that’s it… The reason you’ve never heard of Ubiquiti is because they’re an enterprise company – so they don’t market to consumers like you and me.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not as easy as plopping additional Apple Airport devices around the house, but certainly cheaper. Hey, if you’ve got the time and the inclination to set it all up, to each his own.