“Two independent and reliable sources have confirmed to us that Google is planning a new Pixel laptop to be released in Q3 2017,” David Ruddock reports for Android Police. “The project, known internally as ‘Bison’ and by the informal nickname ‘Pixel 3,’ will likely be the first brand-new device to showcase Google’s combined Android / Chrome OS ‘Andromeda’ operating system in a laptop form factor. Bison, then, would be the culmination of years of work by Google’s Pixel team and Google’s Android and Chrome OS teams.”

“We are extremely confident Google plans for the device to run Andromeda. We are also confident that Andromeda is a completely distinct effort from Google’s current campaign to bring Android apps to Chromebooks, and that Bison would not be marketed as a Chromebook,”‘ Lopez reports. “it would be more accurate to say Bison will run Android than Chrome OS, and could finally be Google’s internal commitment to releasing Andromeda.”

“Bison is planned as an ultra-thin laptop with a 12.3″ display, but Google also wants it to support a ‘”tablet’ mode,” Lopez reports. “The keyboard will be backlit, and the glass trackpad will use haptic and force detection similar to the MacBook. Google plans to fit all of this in a form factor under 10mm in thickness, notably thinner than the aforementioned Apple ultraportable. Given the MSRPs of past Pixel laptops, you might expect this is shaping up to be one costly little device, and while not cheap, Google’s planned pricing is still competitive: Bison is pegged to start at $799. As I said, the Wacom stylus would be sold separately, and Google is aiming for a retail launch in Q3 2017.”

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MacDailyNews Take: At least somebody is making new computers* (hint, hint). 😉

Just kidding. Not much longer now for some new, real Macs from Apple!

*That’ll likely track you like you’ve never been tracked before.