“Apple Inc. has built a 300-acre solar power plant in Florence to make up for the electricity used in its Mesa data center, and Salt River Project finally released details of the secretive project Tuesday,” Ryan Randazzo reports for The Arizona Republic. “Power from the solar plant won’t go directly to Apple’s facility in Mesa, but the amount of power is meant to compensate for the power used there.”

“SRP’s elected officials have met several times in the past year in executive session to discuss the project, but have not been able to release details until now, following an Apple executive’s remarks on the project Monday at a conference in New York,” Randazzo reports. “The Bonnybrooke solar plant has a capacity of 50 megawatts. That amount of capacity could supply about 12,500 homes at once, when the sun is shining on the solar panels.”

“SRP’s board members voted recently to purchase the power from the Bonnybrooke plant, but at an undisclosed price. That will help Apple reduce its utility expenses,” Randazzo reports. “When SRP announced a similar deal with the Sandstone Solar Plant near Florence, SRP disclosed the price for the electricity would be 5.3 cents per kilowatt-hour… If SRP is paying the same 5.3 cents per kilowatt-hour as the Sandstone project, it will cost SRP about $8 million a year, or $160 million for a 20-year contract.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart business on Apple’s part, at least.

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