“There’s no shortage of predictions over what Apple will discuss at its upcoming September event, but here’s one thing that the company probably won’t spend any time on, even though perhaps it should: iCloud storage,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld.

“On Wednesday, Apple quietly added a new storage tier to its iCloud offerings: 2TB of storage for $20 per month,” Moren reports. “That has prompted plenty of speculation, some suggesting that a 256GB iPhone might appear to join the 256GB iPad Pro, or that the base storage for iPhones will be bumped up to 32GB. Of course, there are other potential reasons for the storage bump, such as a new feature of macOS Sierra that lets you store your Documents and Desktop folders in iCloud, to be synced between all your Macs.”

“nevitably, when my friends and family talk to me about tech problems, iCloud is among the most prominent culprit in their tales of woes and frustration. Of late, I’ve especially heard several friends’ tales of being constantly bugged by messages that there’s not enough space in iCloud to store their backup, along with a wheeling dialog box encouraging them to upgrade their storage plan,” Moren reports. “For something that’s supposed to give customers a little peace of mind, iCloud seems to cause an undue amount of stress instead… As Apple is so fond of saying, perhaps there’s more to be gained from providing an experience that surprises and delights users, instead of irritating them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The number one iOS-related question we get from friends and family is, “My iPhone is always telling me I need more storage. Should I buy more iCloud storage?” It’s an unnecessary — and, for many, confusing — friction point that Apple really should rethink.

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