“For half a decade, the launch of an Apple iPhone triggered the same kind of global hysteria once reserved for beloved music groups — customers camping for days in front of a store, often in Apple-themed costumes,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today.

“That may be changing,” Graham reports. “Low expectations for major changes to the next upgrade, and data showing consumers are holding onto their smartphones longer, suggest the Apple buzz is fading.”

“Apple historically introduces new iPhones shortly after Labor Day, and if it follows past years’ patterns, it would launch a phone with a major redesign and upgrade, say the iPhone 7,” Graham reports. “This fall, however, some analysts including Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies expect Apple to hold off on a major upgrade, waiting for 2017 and the tenth anniversary of the phone instead. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if next year, Apple skips 8 and 9 and introduces the iPhone 10, for the anniversary,’ says Bajarin.”

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