“Without a redesigned chassis, this year’s iPhone upgrade won’t earn the ‘iPhone 7’ moniker, a new rumor claims, suggesting that the latest model will instead be known as the ‘iPhone 6SE,'” AppleInsider reports.

“Citing sources in China, Apfelpage.de reported on Monday that Apple has already produced packages with the ‘iPhone 6SE’ name,” AppleInsider reports. “If the rumor does prove true, the name would be a merging of Apple’s current flagship device, the iPhone 6s, and its entry-level handset, the iPhone SE.”

“Apple typically gives its smartphone a complete redesign every two years, while the in between years are ‘S’ upgrades with mostly internal changes. However, leaked parts and reports strongly suggest this year’s handset will look largely the same as the two previous devices, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6, breaking the usual cycle,” AppleInsider reports. “With the 2016 model expected to sport largely the same external appearance as the current iPhone 6s, a full-fledged “7” name may not be representative of how Apple intends to pitch the product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Given Apple’s penchant for shooting themselves in the foot with ill-conceived iPhone naming schemes – basically handicapping every other year’s iPhone with an “S” (which implicitly states right on the box: “Not as big a deal as last year’s or next year’s iPhone”) – anything, even something as abjectly stupid as this, is certainly within the realm of possibility.