“The Steve Jobs–style reverence that fans have granted Elon Musk and the tremendous growth of the companies he has backed have helped the CEO of Tesla Motors Inc. weather years of questionable moves,” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch. “His pedestal is now in peril, however, amid a jaw-dropping series of hazardous developments that should concern all Tesla investors.”

“As most investors and media members were barbecuing on the Sunday of Fourth of July weekend, Tesla announced disappointing second-quarter sales,” Poletti writes. “That sneaky release followed an announcement about a federal investigation into the death of driver Joshua Brown, a Tesla evangelist who crashed his Model S into a truck while he was using Tesla’s semiautonomous driving technology, dubbed ‘Autopilot.'”

“It’s entirely feasible, although unlikely, that the continuing NHTSA investigation into Brown’s accident could find some fault with Tesla’s Autopilot technology, or as one auto safety advocate told Bloomberg, Tesla might have to recall the cars to fix any defect with Autopilot,” Poletti writes. “The company is failing to reach its own expectations while adding to future projections and attempting a risky, potentially unwise acquisition, all while under federal investigation for one of its most prominent technological advances. Yet the company and its CEO act as if they are made of Teflon, and don’t need to have the types of checks and balances that corporations use to avoid disaster.”

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