“When Apple announces the Apple Watch 2 — presumably this fall — it’ll have been more than a year and a half since the original Watch went on sale,” Mark Sullivan writes for Fast Company. “As I’ve argued before, the next great leap forward for Apple Watch is the addition of a cellular radio, which would give the device more independence from its paired iPhone. The Watch would become far more than an accessory.”

“My guess is that Apple will trot out a number of new Watches in the fall,” Sullivan writes. “You might see a sleeker and slimmer second-generation Watch that has roughly the same feature set as the original Watch, but everything will be faster and more battery-efficient. These new Watches might be made of new materials, like titanium, silver, or ceramic.”

“And I’m betting Apple will also announce a new Watch with a cellular radio inside (LTE, hopefully). This Watch would be a little larger — maybe the same size as the first Apple Watch—to fit the new radio and additional battery,” Sullivan writes. “It might even include a GPS radio, which would be great news for runners who yearn to map their runs without a big smartphone strapped to their arm.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Apple Watch Sport with Apple's Activity and Workout apps

Apple Watch Sport with Apple’s Activity and Workout apps

As runners, the lack of GPS sans iPhone is Apple Watch’s biggest drawback. No matter how painstakingly we calibrate our Apple Watches, they’re just not accurate enough for our use without iPhone along for the ride. Sans iPhone, the Apple Watch (accelerometer-based pedometer) is off by a 1/10 of a mile or more every three miles. It’s equally awful on treadmill or outdoors. That’s just not copacetic for any runner beyond the beginner stage.

We’d love to be able to slap Apple Smartband GPS units on our Apple Watches and take off running while measuring accurately without carting along our iPhones!

Also, can we have an Apple Workout app that simply lists our monthly progress (how many miles we’ve done to date this month)? Is that too much to ask for? Go to the Nike+ app and companion website for ideas. (Hey, Jay, didn’t you come from Nike?! Cripes, at least keep the good stuff, will ya?) Beyond that, we’d love for iCloud to gain a Workout section that will do what the Nike+ website does, including a social component – the ability to share and compete with friends (yes, we know, Apple+social=GULP!)

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