“Easter hasn’t been a happy holiday for Apple as a bug-laden software upgrade means users will think twice before they upgrade their devices, and a move by a third party to break device security for a US law enforcement team that likes to call personal privacy a ‘marketing gimmick,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The two things are major setbacks. Not only is Apple less able to claim its devices are 100 percent secure, but it now knows that any government anywhere can break into iPhones belonging to any Apple customer, thanks (some claim) to some Israeli firm,” Evans writes. “Presumably that firm will work with anyone who pays making us all less safe than we were before.”

“It’s [also] not great to find the latest iOS 9.3 update delivering major problems. Users of older devices saw their mobiles ‘bricked.’ Users of the latest iPhones are experiencing a bug in which links won’t work in Safari, Mail and other apps,” Evans writes. “It seems ironic that a company so frequently accused of being ‘too controlling’ seems to be losing control.”

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