“This time last year iOS developers across the globe had no idea that in a few days Apple would launch a brand new programming language called Swift at their Worldwide Developer Conference,” Charley Allen writes for Amsys. “We were streaming the WWDC keynote live in London when Apple announced the arrival of Swift. I remember looking over at Richard, our Head of App Dev and creator of Amsys iOS Development training, with his jaw on the floor.”

“From our experience, Swift is easier to pick up than other languages, and if you come from another language you will certainly find it very familiar. Once you get into the iOS or OS X frameworks, the building blocks of any app, you will notice they are identical in functionality, they just differ in their syntax,” Allen writes. “If you’re coming from Objective-C to Swift, you should feel right at home.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The Swift Programming Language, a free 500-page manual from Apple, is available via iBooks Store here.


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