“While mobile app developers have been abuzz about the launch of Apple’s smallest screen, the Apple Watch, Flurry Analytics has seen increasing interest in one of its largest screens – the iPhone 6 Plus,” Jarah Euston reports for Flurry. “Once upon a time, Steve Jobs said ‘no one is going to buy’ a big phone, and we theorized that phablets were just a fad. Six months since the iPhone 6 Plus debut, we see the new iOS form factor has had significant impact on the global market.”

“To better understand the impact of the iPhone 6 Plus, Flurry from Yahoo examined the 1.6 billion devices it tracks every month to explore usage by screen size,” Euston reports. “It seems consumers worldwide are smitten with the combination of a large screen size and good old fashioned cellular telephony.”

“According to Flurry Analytics, 36 percent of active Android devices in the month of March 2015 were phablets, compared with only 4 percent on iOS. This is due to the fact that there is only one phablet by Apple, and it was just launched in September of last year,” Euston reports. “It might take some time for iOS enthusiasts to hop on the phablet bandwagon. To control for the replacement rate of devices (i.e., consumers may wait for their carrier plan to provide a device subsidy), we looked at the number of daily active users for the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus. Since the launch of these two devices, there have been approximately 2.75 times the number of iPhone 6s as Pluses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive, carrying a $100 premium (A 50% increase at entry level) over iPhone 6.