“That shiny new Apple Watch Sport may have set you back $350, but from a hardware and manufacturing standpoint it only cost Apple $83.70,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“The most expensive component is the LG display, which is estimated to cost $20.50, while the processor adds $10.20 and the memory a further $7.20,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “That tiny battery is estimated to cost a mere $0.80, with the contents of the box – which includes a charger and spare wristband – adding $9.00 to the cost.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Note that the analysis does not include logistics, amortized capital expenses, overhead, R&D, software, IP licensing and other costs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nor does it contain significant marketing costs or, quite likely and rather importantly, accuracy:

Generally, there are cost breakdowns that come out around our products that are much different than the reality. I’ve never seen one that is anywhere close to being accurate.Apple CEO Tim Cook, April 27, 2015