“Now five years old, Apple’s iPad tablet is still the company’s fastest-selling product line of all time. But not for long,” Dan Frommer reports for Quartz. “As iPad demand has slowed, its cumulative sales curve is likely to fall behind the iPhone’s within the next six months.”

“The iPad, launched in early 2010, set records as the fastest Apple product to hit 10 million shipments (during its first year); 100 million (third year); and 250 million (fifth year),” Frommer reports. “But its trajectory has flattened.”

“Meanwhile, iPhone shipments hit 500 million cumulative units in early 2014, almost seven years after its launch,” Frommer reports. “With sales slowing, it seems unlikely the iPad will reach that mark as quickly.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For an unsubsidized device – contrary to iPhone that turns over every 1-2 years – Apple simply made and continue to make iPads too well for their own good. iPads last and last and last. A larger iPad plus the Apple+IBM MobileFirst for iOS partnership will go a long way towards revitalizing iPad unit sales growth.