The New York Times has developed what they describe as “a new form of storytelling to help readers catch up in seconds on Apple Watch.” One-sentence stories, crafted specially for small screens, will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech and The Arts.

One-sentence stories are accompanied by The Times’s award-winning photography and short, bulleted summaries. Readers can use Handoff to continue reading any story on iPhone or iPad, or tap “Save for Later” to build a personal reading list.

Editors on three continents will be dedicated to The Times’s core mobile apps, including Watch, 24 hours a day.

The Times’s breaking news alerts, which reach nearly 15 million devices, will also extend to Apple Watch.

The Watch app is an extension of NYTimes on iPhone and will be free for all users. Watch owners will be able to use the app when the device is released on April 24.

Source: The New York Times

MacDailyNews Take: “One sentence stories.” Hmm.

It won’t be nearly as easy to transparently smear Apple in a quest for the next Pulitzer.

Hey, for the Times‘ “new form of storytelling,” we just thought up a name: The headline.

Catchy, huh?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “BD” for the heads up.]