“Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger knew early on that Steve Jobs’s cancer had returned and kept it a secret for three years before it became public knowledge, a new biography of Apple Inc.’s late CEO reveals,” Tim Higgins reports for Bloomberg.

“Iger learned about the illness less than an hour before Disney announced its 2006 agreement to buy Pixar, the computer-animation studio run by Jobs, according to a copy obtained by Bloomberg News. Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli will be published March 24,” Higgins reports. “The $7 billion deal made Jobs Disney’s largest shareholder and put him on the entertainment company’s board. Iger told the authors he thought about the implications of keeping such a secret at a time when regulators were calling for more disclosure and holding executives more accountable to their fiduciary duties. Ultimately, Iger decided that Disney was assessing the transaction on the value of Pixar, not Jobs.”

“‘I thought the [Walter] Isaacson book did him a tremendous disservice,’ Tim Cook, who took over as Apple’s CEO, is quoted as saying in the new book. ‘It was just a rehash of a bunch of stuff that had already been written, and focused on small parts of his personality. You get the feeling that [Steve’s] a greedy, selfish egomaniac. It didn’t capture the person,'” Higgins reports. “Cook reveals in Schlender and Tetzeli’s book that he offered Jobs a piece of his liver after learning in January 2009 that Jobs needed a transplant. Jobs angrily refused, according to Cook, who said a selfish person ‘doesn’t reply like that.’ Jobs was first diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and had surgery to remove it the next year. The tumor returned and he had a liver transplant in 2009.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, this — Schlender and Tetzeli’s book — sounds like the biography that we all wanted. Already, just from excerpts, there’s so much more than other “Steve Jobs” biographies.

How on God’s green earth did “official biographer” Walter Isaacson not know that Tim Cook offered Steve Jobs a part of his liver?

Seems like a very big item.

The fact is, Steve Jobs didn’t tell him. Perhaps Jobs realized that Walter was a “bozo” and he withheld crucial, interesting information so that the rest of the world could clearly see what an insipid, untalented bore Isaacson is? There’s really no other explanation other than that ol’ Walt lost his notes.

It’s one thing to write biographies of people long dead when there’s no one left alive who actually knew them. It’s quite another to take a dynamo like Steve Jobs and only be able to come up with pablum.

Although it was rare, it wasn’t the first time, but unfortunately it would be the last: Steve picked the wrong guy*.

*Sculley and Schmidt, for two prominent examples.

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