“During its holiday quarter, Apple sold 5.5 million more iPhones than expected and earned $18 billion in profit. Total revenue of about $75 billion was 12% more than expected,” Peter Cohan writes for Forbes.

“Moreover, revenue in China soared 70% to $16.1 billion,” Cohan writes. “And its potential for growth there is significant since it has four stores there now and plans 40 by mid-2016, according to the Washington Post.”

“Given all this good news, what could possibly be wrong with Apple?” Cohan writes. “Here are six things that should give investors pause.”

1. Expensive stock
2. Tumbling smartphone prices
3. Declining margins
4. Shrinking iPad sales
5. Overhyped Apple Watch
6. Inability to innovate

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s all gather ’round to gawk at the village idiot, shall we?

Some advice for Cohan: When you do not understand a subject, it’s best to write about something else; something you understand. You know, like protective helmets and drool cups.

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