“The nearer we get to the launch of each new iPhone the velocity and accuracy of rumors about it also increase — this doesn’t mean all the claims are true, but here are some relatively credible details we heard in the last week or so,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“Macworld UK cites its own source who claims the new iPhone 6 ‘looks more like a small iPad mini than an iPhone 5s,'” Evans reports. “There’s always a flurry of images claiming to depict iPhone components. One of this week’s most popular sets tells us to expect recessed volume buttons and a scratch-resistant Apple logo.”

“I love the Optrix PhotoProX lens system for iPhones as it lets you use a range of additional lenses for better images,” Evans writes. “Apple has a patent for a similar system. This week we were told the lens on the iPhone 6 protrudes slightly from the body — might Apple or others offer lens kits designed to fit securely around this?”

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