“How other smart watches have done so far has no predictive value for how Apple’s smart watch will do,” Eric Jackson writes for TheStreet.

“People don’t know what they want until they use it. We can do all the surveys of potential customers that we want,” Jackson writes. “We can say: ‘Do you want to buy Apple’s iWatch, which we think will retail for $350?’ But how can anyone really answer this question? They might think they know what an iWatch is going to be, but of course they have no idea. Apple has always had it in its DNA to figure out what customers want rather than asking them what they want. It turns out that customers have no idea what they want. The only thing they know about smart watches so far are things like Pebble and Samsung’s Gear watch. But Apple’s version will probably be much different from either of those offerings.”

“Even so, there was a recent survey that said 14% of “watch wearers” would pay $350 for an iWatch,” Jackson writes. “Again, if history is a guide, once people actually see the Apple iWatch in action, they’ll find it much more appealing than they think it is going to be. Let’s assume that once folks see it, double the surveyed number will want one. That’s 28% of about one-third of the population who still wears a watch. That’s about 30 million potential iWatch sales just in the U.S.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lone Wolf” for the heads up.]

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