“News broke recently that Apple hired Philip Stanger, CEO of indoor location technology start-up WiFarer, for a ‘leadership role’ at Apple. Blog after blog has repeated the story, with the assumption that Stanger will be working on improving the Apple Maps user experience,” Bruce Krulwich writes for Seeking Alpha. “On the surface, this makes sense. Apple Maps has not lived up to expectations, and Apple definitely needs the next Apple Maps to be a lot better. This would definitely be worth hiring for.”

“But if we take a deeper look, it appears that Apple has a lot more than improved maps on the horizon. It appears that Apple is about to launch a revolution in indoor location technology. It’s called SLAM, which stands for ‘simultaneous localization and mapping,'” Krulwich writes. “In layman’s terms, it could be described as ‘figure out where you are as you walk around.’ It has the potential to open up mapping and location-based applications in any indoor site worldwide.”

“I speculate that Apple is preparing to release SLAM on iOS,” Krulwich writes. “Imagine if every iPhone were SLAMming indoor sites as they move around. With all those iPhones out there, in no time Apple could build up maps and signal databases for indoor sites all over the world, all using SLAM. These maps and databases could then be used to estimate indoor locations universally and efficiently. This would leapfrog all efforts to date in indoor location positioning, and give Apple the lead in supporting location-based applications indoors.”

“In September, 2013, Apple added a new chip to the iPhone 5s, the M7 motion sensing chip, which has the ability to “continuously measure motion data” using the phone’s sensors,” Krulwich writes. “Apple’s announcement discussed its use in exercise apps and gesture control, but they also hinted that it would be used in Maps. Nobody at the time appears to have understood this in reference to indoor location positioning by sensor fusion or SLAM.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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