“I want to order the new Apple Quad-Core Mac Pro for my photography/videography business,” Alcaraz Research writes for Seeking Alpha. “Unfortunately, Apple Philippines said it is not yet available. The Apple Store sales representative also informed me that even though their website shows 5 to 6 weeks of estimated delivery time, it may take longer due to shortage of Mac Pro units.”

“The short-supply of Mac Pro is worldwide, even U.S. customers have to wait 5-6 weeks delivery,” Alcaraz Research writes. “This is just bad for Apple’s image of efficiency. If Steve Jobs was still alive, he would be throwing a tantrum. As a graphic artist, I’m disappointed that, not only the Quad-Core Mac Pro $460 more expensive here in my country, I also have to wait more than 6 weeks for it.”

“Apple’s Tim Cook deserves a reprimand for this shortage of the Mac Pro. The creative industry, which buys most of high-end Apple desktops and notebooks for the last 30 years, deserves better treatment from the company,” Alcaraz Research writes. “The shift to U.S. manufacturing for the new Mac Pro should have improved delivery time, not cause a 6-week waiting time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Apple ramps production, those shipping times could shrink.