Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac, “In a Bloomberg interview , Tesla CEO Elon Musk said of a possible acquisition by anyone:”

Bloomberg: Elon, yesterday your shareholders got a little bit richer on these reports that you had met with the acquisition team at Apple. Is there any truth to a possible partnership, merger with Apple?
Musk: Well of course it’s – if – if – if one or more companies had approached us last year about such things, there’s no way we could really comment on that.

Bloomberg: Well did you have a conversation with Apple?
Musk: We had conversations with Apple. I can’t comment on whether those revolved around any kind of acquisition.

Bloomberg: If anything, Elon, if Apple were to come to you and say, you know what? We want to get in the car business. We actually want to perhaps start making cars. What would you tell them, given your own experience?
Musk: What would I tell Apple if they said they wanted to make cars?

Bloomberg: Yeah.
Musk: I’d probably tell them that I think it’s a great idea.

Weintraub writes, “So Tesla wasn’t talking acquisition (which was pretty obvious if you follow the two companies) but he could have been shopping around the Lithium battery Gigafactory…”

Read more in the full article here.

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